Open a PTC site

Have you ever dreamt about opening a PTC site? Then you should read this.

Choose a name

The name is very important. It has to be a memorable name that everyone will recognize. Often the names include "clix", "bux" or "ptc" to let people know what kind of site they are dealing with. Remember though that you should check that the has not been used earlier. You don't want your site name to be the same as an old scam


The domain is what people insert in their browser in order to find your site. There are many possibilities when it comes to domain names. ".com" is the most common and shows you that you are serious about your site. However you can also go for the cheaper ones. Namecheap have domains from $0.88.


When you have the domain, it is time to find a server for your site. PI TAU C Adnetwork recommends Netixhost where you can get hosting from $1.99/month. That is the perfect starter server for you


The script is the most important about your PTC site. That is the core of your website. The Aurora SDR2E script is the perfect site for those who want a real PTC site focusing on advertising. It is a popular script that shows your customers that you mean business. Order it from us here.


A good looking design is important to attract users. Let us know if we can help you with the design or check out our ready designs.

Referral commision

You should decide how much you want to award users for every click from their direct referrals. 10 - 50 % is standard within the industry.

Minimum payout

When are you going to pay your members? Have realistic payouts. Some sites offer payout at $0.01, others at $5. Many customers has as standard to not choose sites where it takes more than 100 days to reach payout.

Ads values

In the beginning you might expect to put some own ads on your site in order to attract members. The more you pay, the more members you will get, but the more it can cost you. If you offer 10 ads with a value of $0.001 and you have 500 active members that click daily it will cost you $5/day + referral commision. If the referral commision is 20 %, it will cost you $6/day instead. Remember though that not everyone will continue to click so much of it will freeze in.

Selling advertising

You have to decide how big your profit should be on every ads purchase that your users make. The less your ads are worth for your users to click on, the higher profit you can take out. Say that your smallest award for a user is $0.0005 and you give a 20 % referral commision, every ad cost you $0.0006. Then you might consider selling every ad at aroud $0.001. Then you have a profit of 66% on every ad.

Choosing payment processors

The most popular payment processor is Paypal. However they don't support many PTC sites anymore due to new terms. So it is time to look for some new ones. Perfect Money, OKPay and Payeer are perfect for sites with low payouts. Bitcoin is becoming popular but due to high mining fees, one should avoid smaller transactions. Other cryptocoins like Dogecoin is instead much cheaper to send money with.


The hardest thing is to decide on how memberships should be setup. Users expect to earn more money when they upgrade. Referral commisions should be higher for members to buy memberships. There should also be more ads with higher values. You should make thorough calculations on it. Contact if you need help with your calculations. In return we expect us you to buy your script from us, or that you make a small donation.

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