Terms and conditions

When you buy an item from us, you must be aware of the terms and conditions

  1. When you order from us, you must provide your real information. We reserve the right to deny orders that seems fraudulent.
  2. After you order from us, you will receive an email with your order information and payment details. This is done to prevent fraud.
  3. When buying a site or script, it will come installed only. Therefore you must provide your cpanel details, and if you order a script, also your domain.
  4. You cannot get a refund on your purchase. All attempts to chargebacks will lead to suspension of your license to your purchased site.
  5. You agree not to make any changes to the copyrighted material.
  6. The items are sold as is. If you make any changes to the files, PI TAU C Adnetwork are not responsible for the damage. We cannot guarante that we can fix the problems that can arise after your own modification.
  7. When the site is installed, it is in working order. When you has received the control of the site, PI TAU C Adnetwork is not liable for any problems that might occur, such as hosting problems, or you making changes to you Cpanel. NO REFUNDS.
  8. Any attempt to nullify the script or other abuse will lead to suspension of your license.
  9. All licenses are for one domain only.
  10. There is no price protection in case of campaigns. No partial refunds due to campaigns.

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